I'm tallacman at concrete5.org and this is the place to find out all about my add ons and themes. I've been using concrete5 since October of 2008, shortly after it became open source. I built over 80 themes for the 5.6 marketplace all outdated by the responsive web. After years of wishing certain blocks were available I decided to make the blocks I always wanted. You can see them all here as well as on this site.

In that list, you'll see Tallacmans Tasty Templates where I have a slew of free templates for other people's blocks.

Essential add on blocks from concrete5


Login/Logout Link

Provides a login and logout link on your site or page. None of my themes contain a login link. But if you want one this is the best.

You can see this one in the footer below.

Simple Gallery

Does it all. I've also got a slew of custom templates for this add on the simulated Instagram filters.

Random Image

I love this block to use instead of a slider. Get a new image on every page reload.


Tallacmans Copyright

Theme builders that hardcode your copyright info into their pages assume your site name and your copyright owner are the same. This block provides a lawyer recommended copyright text with any owner you wish to have displayed. The year will auto-update the first of every year.

See this site's footer to see how it looks.